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Client Introduction

Artificial Intelligence is being touted as the next big thing in technology. The Government of India, through an initiative with NASSCOM, spurred the creation of a new portal to curate and exhibit the Indian AI ecosystem to invested parties.

Design Challenges


Showcase India’s technological prowess to the international community to attract foreign investment, talent, and recruiters.


Inform entrepreneurs and industry about the various missions, initiatives, and investments undertaken by the Government of India.


Provide students and job-seekers access to emerging technologies, news, courses, and upcoming opportunities within the domain of AI.


Provide a medium that facilitates meaningful connections between entities within the Indian AI community.

Insights from Research

Since it’s a huge platform the proper user and need classification was of prime importance

  • Primary Audience: Startups founders and key technological innovators in the AI domain.
  • Secondary Audience: Employees of AI-centric institutions working in private, public, and non-profit educational institutes, corporations, research outfits, and the technology branches of the government. 
  • Tertiary audience: Passive consumers of AI such as students, researchers, salesmen, and individuals looking to gain industry knowledge through domain-specific content.

Structuring content design

We designed the content architecture such that each entity had its own page, which could be accessed easily through the ecosystem tab in the navigation bar of the main listing page. A high-functioning search setup rounded out all key functionality needed for any kind of user to find the exact information they would be looking for.

Furthermore, to aid the users in their search for relevant content, we implemented a comprehensive design system that would offer NASSCOM the right amount of flexibility to display information through the use of simple template workflows for creating, curating, and publishing content on the platform.

We designed a series of sections, or “rails”, that could be placed interchangeably on any website page and would be populated with content of a specific type, topic, or area of focus. Within these rails, users could find featured content – videos, articles, missions, upcoming events, et cetera. -, as well as a link to similar content. These rails could also be interspersed with “banners”, which would be able to highlight specific content above others as needed.

Design Strategy – UI

Using the brand guidelines provided by India AI, we ensured that all our sections change background colors between black, white, and orange, to give the webpage a dynamic and refreshing outlook. Within each section, we used the other two colors sparingly; we maximized whitespace and minimized clutter to ensure a clean and readable experience irrespective of the order in which the sections or their elements were placed.


“ has consistently delivered short turnarounds. They come prepared with alternative solutions to account design change. Google Sheets and Jira made for a smooth collaboration.”

Asna Siddiqui
Program Lead, INDIAai

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