Launched by GreenCell Mobility, NeuGo is India’s first intercity electric coach service.

NueGo aims to promote usage of sustainable public transportation with zero tailpipe emission on the inter-city routes. It is built for new-aged travellers to offer them an easy booking experience, exceptional ride comfort and in-cabin experience.

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    Automotive – Electric

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    UX Research

    UX and UI Design

Project Challenges

easy navigation

Feature easy discoverability & smooth function across platforms

sleek ui

Interface needed to be intuitive, inviting and understandable


Make frictionless booking process and post-booking care accessible in regional languages


Introduce travel checklist and in-transit assistance for an enhanced customer experience

Understanding user needs and expectations during bus commute

During our research, we discovered users’ primary concerns during transit as, timely and smooth onboarding, safety & cleanliness, in-transit experience & luggage storage provision.

This gave us the opportunity to design and conceptualise features that cater to these concerns to enhance the overall experience customers’ journey.

“The objective was to introduce a premium bus booking service for folks living in urban areas ”

Outcomes Hassle-free bookings

NeuGo simplifies the process of planning and booking bus journeys by offering a range of options based on preferred dates and locations. Customers can select their seats and easily add additional passengers. The availability of amenities such as Wi-Fi, charging ports, etc. is clearly showcased on the booking page.

There is also a provision where the customers can view tickets/seat reserved for female passengers to ensure a safe and secured experience for women.

Outcomes Real-time tracking

The interactive map feature allows users to visualize their travel route, enhancing transparency and trust. The dashboard also displays the bus speed and temperature for added convenience during transit. Additionally, users can book meals and cabs around their journey.

Outcomes Sustainability

The app encourages eco-friendly travel by informing customers of their environmental impact and suggesting sustainable options. The loyalty program, Green Miles, enables customers to earn points by travelling green which can be redeemed for discounts and upgrades. With these features, Nuego provides a seamless booking experience, while promoting EV adoption in the nation.

Outcomes Effortless planning & seamless payments

The “My Booking” feature lets customers easily manage their current and past bookings. The app also includes “checklists” to help travellers stay organised and avoid stressors. Tickets can be accessed via QR code for easy onboarding, and the app offers multiple secure payment options for customer convenience.

Design system



Right from devising the design system to generating final designs, Onething’s attention to detail and creative approach has brought our new exhibit to life.


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