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Onething Design ranked among the top UX/UI Studios in India

Onething.Design has been steadily staking its claim to being the top UX/UI studios in India. This is mirrored with the accolades that are being rewarded to our studio and projects alike. While what pushes our designers is the pursuit of making bigger and better designs everyday, under the likes of clients such as RBL, PVR, and India AI, these awards motivate us to improve that much more, every day.

Here, we’re going to highlight what have been some of the banner moments in the company’s short history, and speak about the significance and value of these platforms, not just to us at Onething, but to those looking to work with us collaboratively, or internally!

Rated Amongst Best UX/UI Design Agencies on Clutch


Onething happens to be rated among the top UX/UI Studios on Clutch. Clutch is one the foremost platform presently for rating B2B interactions. Essentially, the founders of Clutch recognized a need for an objective, result-oriented rating system to determine the efficacy of all sorts of agencies, whether it be financial accounting, or in our case, UX/UI design. This gives organizations a number of metrics to aid in evaluating and choosing which agency would be the best fit for their particular needs.

Apart from featuring reviews and testimonials from companies who have worked with these agencies, there are more objective metrics, which can give a quick primer on the nature of any given agency, without diving into too many specifics. These include team size, average spend on projects, company age, location, and many other factors. Additionally, industry and size-wise breakdown of past clients can assist in determining a perfect fit, such as having worked with a similar client, or maybe even competitor in the past. 

Presently, Onething holds a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Clutch, which is an aggregate of around 25 past reviews from our clients, past and present. Testimonials from organizations we’ve worked with paint a collaborative picture of striving to solve the problems posed by the tenets of modern usability. Not to mention, this clientele is stretched out over 8 domains, with distinct work in each of them.

Rated on DesignRush under the Best UX/UI Design Company

Similarly to the aforementioned Clutch, DesignRush is dedicated to ranking, and rating agencies. With a twist that it’s focused on, but not limited to organizations in the world of design. Bringing companies together with their ideal pairing in agency utilizing factors such as size and scope of previous projects, industry specializations, and personnel on hand. Just like Clutch, Onething has a stellar reputation on DesignRush, to facilitate new and fruitful partnerships with organizations across many industries, and verticals. Recently, we have been moved to the Top UX/UI Studios ranking.

Best Design Studio at India’s Best Design Awards


Onething was awarded Best Digital Design Studio in the IBD Awards! India’s Best Design Awards (or IBDA for short) is a ceremony hosted by DesignIndia magazine, which dates back to 2015. Despite being a fairly young award, it’s prestige and stature has grown considerably in the half decade that it’s been around. Some of the major categories were Best Brand Design Studio, Best Packaging Design Studio, and Best Graphic Design Studio.

Mostly owing to the fact that DesignIndia is a respected publication, having delivered the newest in the world of design for the past decade, the team at Onething were delighted to be nominated for the IBDA for Best Digital Design Studio. We ended up taking home the prize, one of the seminal moments in the young company’s history.

Design X Awards Finalists

top UX/UI Studios: Onething design-x-awards-finalists

The Design X Awards are hosted annually by the UMO Design foundation, an organization focused on highlighting the inherently sustainable, and problem-solving aspects of design. UMO also unites designers in need with mentors who are proficient in that field, to create harmonious and constructive relationships, built on a mutual love for the art of designing. Their end goal is to improve the design industry by both;

  1. Elevating the quality of overall design by disseminating knowledge, and improving awareness about the nuinced facets of the field.
  2. Running campaigns to raise awareness about how to design sustainably for a brighter tomorrow, while breaking the barriers set by today.

The Design X Awards highlight the best that the Indian design industry in particular has to offer, such can be seen by the collection of categories including; Best Design and Enterprise Startup, Best Design Student, and Best Design Agency. It’s the latter for which Onething was nominated, and ended up being a finalist as well!  

A Great Place to Work as per Glassdoor Reviews

top UX/UI Studios: Onething

Onething also holds a stellar 4.1 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor! Of course, a company is little more than the minds which occupy it, which is why Glassdoor is as important a metric as any to determine how successful a company is, from the inside out. In essence, Glassdoor allows present and former employees to leave reviews on the company, particularly when it comes to internal aspects like working environment, conditions, and project load, as well as other metrics. For prospective employees, there is no better platform, and Glassdoor has long been considered the gold standard for strictly employee purposes, allowing for a true, inside-out perspective of how it feels to work in a particular organization. 

Former and current employees alike have left their biggest pros and cons of working with the organization, and we’re glad to see that a mostly positive picture has been painted by those we’ve worked with for any meaningful period of time.

Ranks as ‘TOP UX Agency’on TopDevelopers

TopDevelopers is a dedicated directory of IT service providers. The list of IT companies is graded through discreet research and analysis on various industry-specific metrics to help the businesses in finding a reliable design and technical partner. Under their UX Agency list, Onething has scored a top spot.

The Take-Aways From These Accolades

These metrics, both subjective and objective, positive or negative, hold great importance to us as an organization, not only to show how far we’ve come, but showing us the low-lights as well, and where we can continue to grow, and evolve not just as individuals, but as an organization in totality. If you’re looking to hire an agency, here’s a list of questions to be asked. Here’s hoping that the following years bring as many accolades and accomplishments for the team, to keep us striving for groundbreaking designs.


Divanshu Thakral