HealthKart is a trusted house of brands, being India’s no. 1 sports nutrition and vitamin e-commerce platform. They offer a comprehensive range of products dedicated to a wide audience for their wellness, and fitness needs. We have redesigned their website and app with many new features that help users shop, consult as well as track their lifestyle from a health & fitness perspective.

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Challenge 1
To install a feeling of customised wellness for every user, giving bespoke solutions to unique issues.
Challenge 2
The buying journey had to be re-looked at, with the intention of reducing friction, and drop-offs.
Challenge 3
We aimed to shorten otherwise elongated user flows, to keep the experience tight and responsive.
Challenge 4
The focus of design was maximising conversions, while educating users on health at every step.

Beyond e-commerce; building a wellness community!

The HealthKart platform redesign was intended not only to serve as India’s leading marketplace of supplements, but a place for people to be educated, and inspired by the world of better physical & mental wellbeing.

How can we streamline the buying journey to improve conversions, while adding elements of storytelling?

Design agency – HealthKart website design – Onething

Outcomes Quick & scannable buying journey for complex and lengthy flows

The crisp storytelling, from product pages to check-out, improves the conversion rate for add to cart and purchases! Furthermore, it adds a personalised angle to every user decision, introducing autonomy and humanisation to an otherwise mechanical process.

Outcomes Accessible visual flows

We made sure that the users have a factor of delight when shown so many choices and a well-structured flow, instead of making them overwhelmed by the number of options. We created categories with modular sections fit for them, to ensure decision making is a breeze through a highly customized experience.

Outcomes Effective 24-hour speed challenge to start with!

Users are more engaged by systems that relate to their own growth, and give actionable insights, rather than structured plans which can limit their input, and hinder intrinsic motivation. The gamification plan starts with a 24-hour challenge as it’s a hassle free, short, non committing task in which they can find out how a minimal amount of input on their end, can provide a plethora of actionable data and insights, which can be implemented easily.

Design system

The impact

Cart value


increase in cart value in first 3 months of launch
Bounce rate


reduction in bounce rate


users confirmed on easier discovery


Quality of work was exceptional, the team provided intuitive UX flows, user and competitor understanding and a high quality UI that encapsulates the brand identity of HK. All the deliverables were submitted as per the requirements. The best part was that the HK team was included in the process and decisions, and was consulted at every milestone. This ensured a smooth completion of the project that helped us meet our goals.

Manish Goyal Head of Product and Analytics, HealthKart

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