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10 Patterns of UI designs for Android

Mobile apps provide a lot of benefits to businesses which are inaccessible for other means of service promotion or product. This happens to be a long-lasting presence and give instant access to the daily lives of the customers. Even though an Android mobile app can prove to be an extremely successful investment it can become such only if it is designed properly.

A poor UI will prove to be a deal-breaker for Android apps and there is a possibility for the apps to get deleted. On the other hand, a fast and creative interface will be able to increase the number of users. Users have the ability to connect to the brand anytime while waiting in a line or even while traveling. 

It is challenging to create a UI for an Android mobile app though. Here we have mentioned the top 10 patterns of UI designs for Android.

1. UI-Patterns

It is amongst the most well-known design pattern reference sites available on the market. They offer some remarkable UI patterns on a regular basis. They refresh their site regularly with trending design patterns. It will be possible for the visitors to browse through an appealing range of articles for detailed analysis and review.

2. Behance

One more platform for UI designs for Android happens to be Behance which is used on a massive scale at present. This is because Behance likewise caters to your illustrations, graphics, motion elements, and much more. It is extremely popular amongst all types of designers, both budding as well as the veteran. Being a solution for multiple platforms, Behance houses an extensive range of design inspiration for virtually everybody, irrespective of the platform or requirement.

3. Awwwards

Awwwards can boast of having some of the most frequently updated UI designs for Android available at present. It includes a jury system for rewarding the best submissions out there. This reward system motivates designers to improve their skills and also helps to create healthy competition. Awwwards makes use of an all-inclusive tagging system for simplifying searching for different design elements. All submissions will be presented admirably for the ease of the user which makes it quite simple to use the website.

4. ThemeForest

Another prevalent design reference website is ThemeForest. Almost every designer is aware of it given that it is one of the staples when it comes to design element references. ThemeForest offers different types of design samples at present for a wide range of web solutions, including the likes of; Content Management Systems, eCommerce Website, Website Templates, and Admin Portals.

These projects can be purchased from ThemeForest at an inexpensive rate with an assurance of support.

5. Dribbble

Dribble happens to be amongst the leading sites for finding creative UI designs for Android. Apart from featuring design references for websites it also features them for animations and mobile apps. Dribble offers user interface design patterns which look attractive on different types of platforms. It also provides branding and typography which helps to make it a one-stop solution for crisp and instant references.

6. Pttrns

Pttrns hosts an extremely stunning collection of UI designs for Android apps. They also offer an attractive timeline feature for depicting how design has altered for the selected platform over the years. It is amongst those websites which can provide you with the right motivation in case you are looking for one.

7. UI Garage

UI Garage is one more platform for Android mobile app as well as web design references. UI Garage supports platforms including iOS, Android, and web. The site lays out every single piece of information in a pretty simple manner for your convenience. On this website, everything has been categorized according to design elements for finding things quickly.

8. Faded 

Faded is a contemporary app landing page template which has been crafted beautifully for usage in virtually any related product like SAAS applications, mobile apps, digital products, software, and so on. This particular template is coded by making use of HTML5, JS, CSS3, Bootstrap, and jQuery. It is totally responsive which will provide you with the power to make your innovative landing page appear breathtaking on every type of device.

9. User Interface Engineering

Apart from providing UI design patterns User Interface Engineering likewise focuses on offering better UX. It likewise acts as a library for folks who like to make enhancements in their design. The website hosts lots of workshops, paid seminars, as well as events at present.

10. Nicely Done

Nicely Done offers an eye-catching assortment of design references which will surely inspire you. It will be possible to find something useful given that you will come across comprehensive screenshots of design elements. Nicely Done will aid you in coming across better UI design patterns for different websites; however, that might not be applicable to Android mobile apps. Nonetheless, it definitely deserves mention. 

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