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How to Ace Mobile App Design UI for Increased User Retention

Looks definitely matter when it comes to gratifying mobile app users. Although power users might want to navigate a complex UI to accomplish specific tasks, most folks prefer using intuitive, simple, and sleek apps. If your mobile app design UI is difficult or confusing for individuals to use, you might be losing a huge number of your target audience. Moreover, it might result in the users leaving bad reviews for the app in the Play Store or App Store in the long run.

On the other hand, an outstanding user interface combined with the proper value proposition will lead to more users returning. A poor UI, despite having an outstanding value proposition, will be repelling your target audience actively.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned 3 proven mobile app design UI tactics which you can implement for creating comfort and familiarity while retaining the users.

1. It should be designed for the users right from the start

At what particular point in the development process of your app will you start thinking about usability? If your reply is something other than “right from the very beginning,” there is a good possibility that you are not providing your UI design with the attention deserved by it.

The best mobile applications will combine serious value with an intuitive UI. Facebook is known to offer outstanding service and also wrap it up with a simple and intuitive UI. On the other hand, Google provides a great search engine with an extremely simple UI.

These apps are going to succeed not only due to their value but due to their design. They use principles such as goal-driven design, where the application is built around users’ requirements instead of convenience.

Make it a point to commence your mobile app design UI process by making use of personas. Who is going to use your application, and what they want from it? Once you can comprehend your target audience, make sure to create specific targets for every user type and also personalize the workflow of your mobile application so that their requirements are satisfied.

Make sure that your app is usable. Make use of easily understood signifiers such that there is no need for the users to think regarding what each element of the UI signifies. Offer feedback such that the users are able to know that their actions come with results. Make the app usable and simple so that it becomes learnable and instinctive.

2. Learn about your users as much as you can

How well do you comprehend your target audience? Analytics tools such as Mixpanel make it very simple to study how the users will be directed with your app, providing you with the ability to come across and fix usability problems that would have gone unnoticed otherwise.

In case you are still developing your app, do not forget to make user feedback a significant component of your decision-making procedure. Create personas and also make use of user scenarios as well as experience maps for making informed mobile app design UI decisions.

In case it is not possible for you to interview your potential users directly because of lack of time or budget, employee tools such as MyCrowd for getting genuine user information on the usability of your app. A simple and quick usability test performed by some genuine testers who happen to test your app or website will be all that you require for discovering and fixing serious usability problems which might affect user retention in the long run.

The users of your app will be figuring out whether it is a success or not. Because of this, it is important to get their feedback. Make sure to build user feedback into your mobile app design UI process right from the very start, which will allow you to avoid headaches and unwanted expenses in the long run.

3. Make the users feel comfy with the app

An outstanding UI design will aid in creating a virtuous cycle that will help to retain the users. They will become more and more comfortable as they return to your application over and over again. While they become comfier, they will want to use your app once more. The result will be a huge win-win when it comes to retaining users.

The initial target of the user interface of your app ought to be to make the users comfortable. Make sure to focus on using UI patterns which are familiar to the users instead of being innovative regarding the design of your mobile app. It will be a good idea to be an innovator, but you might be confusing your users while doing so.


An astounding UI does much more than simply making your application appear great. When the app is intuitive and simple to use, users will want to open it repeatedly and provide you with positive reviews on the App Store or Play Store.

Published by Ankur Sarkar

Sr. UX Designer

Ankur Sarkar Sr. UX Designer