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The pandemic and the policy of demonetisation in our country has helped accelerate the adoption of fintech solutions and platforms. Users are now more open to seeking contactless forms of making transactions. 

With new players joining the ecosystem, fintech companies have to find new ways to compete for consumer’s attention and loyalty. 

Having an effective customer engagement strategy is key to a platform’s success and can also help designers keep users engaged on the platform for longer.

So how can you keep customers engaged at every step of the way?

For one you can leverage the use of technology and develop different channels for engaging customers. It is also essential to stay on top of current digital trends and evaluate which emerging technologies can help you instill trust in your customer’s minds and deliver an effective and seamless experience every time they use the platform.

Ensuring that you provide great ui ux design services to keeping customers active on your fintech platform.

Here are some ways on how to do that through the onboarding process, customer service and payment process.

1. Get your Customers to Trust You

Transparency is essential to establish trust in a user especially when it comes to fintech digital platforms. Since customers are entrusting your platform with valuable information concerning the management of their finances, platforms must be intentional about their security badges and compliances that demonstrate that the platform is on par with industry standards and can be trusted. Clear communication is needed to let the customer’s know that their information is secure with the platform and where all the information may be used.

2. Easy Login Process Through UX

Fintech Platform User Experience

A positive user experience when it comes to the logging in process adds credibility to the platform. For most users an easy enrolment and login is the most important factor when it comes to evaluating platforms. A difficult and long drawn out enrolment process with two many steps can become the first obstacle for users. This can even lead to many of them dropping out at this crucial stage. 

3. Explore Different Channels for Customer Service

Since most users have only a digital relationship with their customers, they need to put an extra effort into connecting with them via social media or any other channels. WhatsApp too can be a great way of communicating with users since it has a large user base.

Other more enhanced features include allowing customers to talk to another human or a conversational AI assistant to help them out with any customer queries. These interactions can strengthen their relationship with clients, increase engagement and additionally boost retention rates.

4. Unified Customer Profiles

Unified Customer Profiles in Fintech Platforms

An essential way to expand engagement strategies with multiple touchpoints – such as an app, email, social media or a website is to have a unified customer profile. AI can help automate repetitive interactions but when it comes to complex interactions, users still prefer to talk to an agent. Most customers in financial sectors still want to talk to a real person when it comes to settling disputed transactions or getting investment advice.

Unified customer profiles make it easier for agents to access real time data from prior customer conversations with chatbots or any other information that might be relevant to equip them to resolve any issues faster and gain loyal users. Easy access to this information can make the transition from AI to a human agent smoother for the customer. 

Despite different conversations coming from different channels, for the customer it must be one long conversation thread. 

UX and Security

The reason why fintech platforms are so appealing is because they make it extremely convenient for users to make digital and cashless transactions. However this can also misfire and make it easy for customers to make mistakes when it comes to large transactions. Thus a fintech platform must be reliable and secure, to prevent these mistakes from happening. 

Mobile alerts and notifications are a great feature to help your customers manage their finances and security in real time. These notifications can safeguard users against fraudulent activity and instantly notify users of any suspicious account activity.

Find out what your customer’s needs are and deliver them

Ensure that as a part of your continuous commitment to delivering great user experience, you analyse user flow and user data to gain insights about what features are working on your platform and what aren’t. If there are certain features and capabilities that aren’t working how you want the to, you can develop strategies to optimise performance and improve customer experience. 

Identify KPI’s and optimise your onboarding and retention strategies based on what your users want and expect from your platform.


The only way to stand out in an highly competitive industry is to build a customer engagement strategy. This strategy is also key to winning customer loyalty. There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to engaging customers on a digital platform spec.

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