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App Design: How to Optimise Conversion Using UX Design

A great user experience (UX) plays a pivotal role in delivering the best product or service to the user. As we know, the mobile app development industry is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the world; new trends and innovative ideas are two important factors for designing a beautiful app. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt app design strategies to deliver the product successfully to the target audience by optimising conversion. Here in this blog we will have a closer look at conversion and how to app design using UX technology.

All about Conversions:

When you visit a website or an app, after spending a few seconds on the interface, you take some actions. If the action taken by the visitor fulfils the goals or targets of the business and serves as a productive purpose, then it is identified as a Conversion.

The basic model of an app needs some unique features to maintain consistency in how to app design and these may vary depending on the requirements of the business model.

Conversion in Android apps:

For an Android app, a conversion could occur when the user takes a call-to-action. It could be a response to something like an advertisement, a special offer or a notification. In this case, the action that is qualified as a conversion can vary from a download and installation to sign-up and subscribing to the premium option.

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Importance of a right design delivered with optimized conversion:

The visual interface plays an important role in the purpose of user experience as it impacts directly in appealing the visitor to take action. When someone opens your app, the design of the app must deliver a homely feeling to him. In today’s world, there are thousands of amazing apps with brilliant in-built features.

So, it is necessary to provide the user with a superior experience from the apps they are already installed on their phones, and they are using them. Here comes the need to know how to app design using optimized conversion, and it plays a vital role in order to bring the success of an app to the market.

Best app design strategies to optimise conversion:

Are you wondering about how to app design and optimize conversion? Don’t worry, we have brought to you some excellent tips.

There are many ways to optimise conversion using UX design. But, choosing the right one plays a pivotal role in building the app design and adds value to the design. 

Here are some of the best ways to app design strategies that can help you in optimising the conversion.

Looks do matter:

A stunning look with an appealing design always attracts more users.

Choosing a bright yet soothing color and an elegant theme or template help a lot to reach the target audience more. It is also important to keep yourself updated with new trends in order to build an attractively designed app.

It is always an intelligent decision to choose the basic colors and other elements for creating the look, keeping in mind the tastes and choices of the target audience.

Giving the personalised touch:

Most of the app users like to choose from available options and customise the app as per their own choice and needs.

With the help of recently developed technologies like AI technology, Android apps can track user’s activities. Thus, one can deliver an enhanced experience to its audience. 

Some of the modern apps provide users decision-making options and offer them to choose from a varied range of features: from choosing the appropriate themes or templates to create stickers and adding or deleting tools from a toolbar.

Navigation is the key:

One of the important features of an app is it must have easy navigation. This helps the app to drive more traffic to the app interface and informs them about its products and services provided by them. Flexible navigation is a must-have for building a responsive app design using a UX interface.

Along with that, you should produce some useful information to keep the visitors engaged for more time in the app. This could be done by addressing the audience and interacting with them, using an attractive call to action segment, offering new features for a rich experience and organizing the label menu categories in an easy and user-friendly way.

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More focus on transaction process:

While optimising conversion, transaction procedure plays a vital role. You should have a nice strategy to maintain consistency and user flexibility in the transaction segment.

Importance should be given in these areas:

You should build multiple and reliable payment gateways in order to provide a trustworthy experience to the user. They should be user friendly and flexible to use so that the transaction process becomes smoother.

Also, it should be kept in mind that the guest checkout procedure should follow an easy way and take less time.

The app interface must have some convenient scanning features. This might add more value to the optimization of conversion.

The social media magic:

Now we must talk about the place sprinkling magic all over: Social Media. It is a great medium to share the content of an app in the fastest way. This helps in building a network of the target audience and helps to increase the reach of the app. Some of the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be used as a good strategy to reach the market widely. They even help you to jump start the app giving a grand launch, and then help you to promote your product. Thus, the app gets an enhanced conversion.


These days, the world is booming with various Android apps. So, it is necessary for the app developers to stay updated with all the latest trends and technologies and know about best strategies on how to app design apps using UX technology.

Optimising conversion using UX designs help the developers stay ahead in the industry.

Following these strategies and using the latest features, skilled designers and latest technologies, you can bring your app to the world in a grand way.

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UX / UI Designer


Akshay Pratap Singh UX / UI Designer