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Client Introduction

Leading the charge as India’s leading telecommunications company, Airtel aims to provide a complete cloud communication suite to transform customer engagement for businesses across their preferred channels – calls or SMS and mobile or web app.

Design Challenges


To create a scalable and robust platform for businesses to create their communication journeys.


To design a comprehensive onboarding journey that explains all the product offerings.


To create a visual call flow builder for easy configuration.


To make a visually appealing platform in line with the larger brand identity of Airtel.

UX Research

We interviewed key stakeholders to get an in-depth understanding of the business requirements and challenges. We also did a comprehensive competitive analysis to discover opportunities that we can tackle. Here’s what we found:

  •  Competitor platforms offer limited flexibility and customization specific to different communication channels.
  • Complicated visual communication journey builders present few than satisfactory actionable insights.
  • Complex navigation leads to a cumbersome user experience.


We created an informational and insightful  call logs dashboard that provides a quick summary of the calls made based on the date selected. This simple mechanism would help the business understand usage as well as overall customer trends like age, gender, call location and operation system.

While designing the number management section which displays all existing numbers connected with a single user, we added a simple functionality that enables them to buy numbers in bulk to save time and effort. We also designed a visual call flow builder that facilitates easy creation and configuration of various components and their respective properties. At a glance, the user can see a detailed workflow that portrays simple cause and effect relationships, i.e., which user decision leads to which action.  

To improve information accessibility, we’ve created a linear architecture with easy access tabs on the left that allow the user the flexibility to quickly jump between different functions. We also created an engaging onboarding tutorial with three steps to familiarize the user with the platform. 



We incorporated the Airtel red as our primary colour to maintain consistency across the brand’s varied line of products. We defined secondary colours on the basis of different actions taking place on the platform. In order to lend a clean brand design appearance, we used the font ‘Nunito’ across the interface. We used line icons with two-toned colours and also designed illustrations that are visually engaging and fun. All the call flow components have different colours so that they are easily distinguishable from the rest and easy to recall. This made the product look approachable while still being informative.




They have a very solid design team. The team charted out a course with competitor analysis to discover any gaps in the market and to tackle them. They came up with some interesting design angles and had some very creative flows. The team was working remotely and yet delivered desired output.”

Kartik Bhandari
Product Manager, Airtel, India

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