Prescinto’s platform, powered by AI, improves the efficiency of renewable energy management systems, simplifies its operations and maintenance, and increases financial returns on energy investments.

Used and trusted in 14 countries worldwide, it currently monitors over 12,000 MW of clean energy projects and provides a 10x return on investment by enhancing generation and reducing O&M costs.

Despite the high adaptability of the system, the team faced challenges related to complex user flows and the need to restructure the information architecture.

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    UX and UI Design

Design challenges

Simplified interface
Reduce the learning curve for users & make the platform intuitive to navigate.
Streamlined data visualization
Prioritise important information and simplify data presentation.
Customization options
Create room for customisation so users can gain some control.
Technical improvements
Improve platform stability and loading time to enhance user experience.

Outcomes A simplified system with intuitive navigation across modules

The configuration was formulated to make task flows more efficient and accessible. The overview feature employs a graphical technique, allowing users to alternate between a pre-established display and a cartographic view. In order to streamline the processing of complex data, the platform incorporates a progressive disclosure mechanism, which lessens cognitive strain.

Outcomes Optimized screen design for better accessibility

The screen designs were tailored to be adaptable and optimized for a range of display sizes. Users had the option to receive real-time push notifications for immediate action or view information on large screens installed on management floors. Moreover, complex charts and graphs were made accessible for viewing on mobile devices, across management floors.

Outcomes Simplified tracking with minimal learning curve

The data was visually depicted in a intuitively designed format, optimizing user comprehension of the desired information. The platform was engineered to facilitate seamless accessibility for both novice and experienced users, eliminating the need for any prior knowledge on data retrieval techniques.

Outcomes Streamlining field force efficiency with CMMS-Integrated Task Management

Through meticulous design, the platform empowers users to efficiently prioritize imperative actions geared towards energy conservation and optimal returns. By emphasizing performance-driven work orders, the system effectively aids users in gauging the urgency level needed to address any generated work order.

Outcomes Quick reporting with editable information

It was imperative to make data easy to read and download since the platform is utilized by various departments and individuals with varying levels of authority. The tables are customizable so users can add or remove information relevant to them, and generate and share regular reports across different management levels through an automated system.

Outcomes Real time update with notifications

The notification system prioritizes urgent actions with the teams needing immediate attention receiving the highest level of notification. This ensures that everyone stays informed, from the ground level to management, through an automated system in real-time.

We also designed their website to spread awareness about the platform and explain its benefits to potential users

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