RBL Bank CC Design System


UX Research, UX and UI Design, Frontend Development, Usability Testing

Client Introduction

RBL Bank is one of India’s fastest-growing banks. Their credit card division boasts a portfolio of 30+ cards that serve over 70 lakh customers. Our objective was to ensure that all aspects of their credit card communication (from selling a card to potential customers to engaging current users) were simple, straightforward, and consistent.

Design Challenges


Proper targeting and segmentation of users to position relevant products.


Streamlining multiple channels of communication to convey a wide variety of features for 30+ credit cards.


Designing a well-crafted brand guideline to evoke emotions in the user base.


Designing a scalable system.

User Research

To understand diverse user types, we segregated the focus groups into four key personas on the basis of age, income bracket, credit card annual fees, and average monthly lifestyle expenses; namely, Millennial, Mass, Mass-Affluent and Affluent

For this project, we undertook the following research approaches:

  • Competitive Analysis: We analyzed RBL bank’s competitors on the basis of the distinct tonality and design employed to cater to different focus groups. It helped us understand how we could specifically target these personas by using specific keywords, colors, and voice.
  • Contextual Inquiry: We decided to visit physical credit card kiosks placed across New Delhi and Gurgaon to understand how salespeople pitch to walk-in customers. We observed the users’ questions and tried to understand their psyche to map a list of focus areas that were critical to users


We presented information across all four personas in a manner that could be replicated across the board with persona-specific designs to enhance usability. The communication design was crafted based on the users’ needs and prioritization basis.

The most critical information that would excite the customers such as rewards was created as a hook to capture attention. To ensure transparency and build trust, the associated cost was highlighted and presented after the award section. We completed the structure by highlighting the three most important benefits that a person would seek from their credit card upfront for improved conversions.



Based on our user research, we derived certain key symbols and colors to define our persona-based communication. The underlying goal of communication was to impart a clear and simple understanding of the concept for all four personas in an approachable and encouraging manner.

We structured information in a manner that educates, guides, and empowers the user to understand the various intricacies of the product and build trust in the brand through straightforward, relatable, and positive messaging.



“The team was able to breakdown a large scale communication system into granular touchpoints and create a segment-wise approach to cover all channels of communications.”

Utkarsh Saxena
Senior Vice President, RBL Bank Limited

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