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Why is Designing UX an Expensive Affair and is Investment Justified

It is quite important for any company to build a digital presence either within a mobile app or on the web. Companies depend on appealing content, attractive interfaces, and properly planned marketing strategies for promoting their mobile and web apps. However, individuals often tend to forget that fancy animations, catchy ads, and outstanding UX design ought to back unique content. Put simply, a fantastic UX design is about making an app simple and enjoyable to use which helps to increase the satisfaction of the customers as well.

Although we have been using the term UX for quite some time, one question might arise in our mind that is designing UX a costly affair, and also why is designing UX important. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will talk about the various advantages of investing in UX design for your subsequent project.

1. You will be spending less on web development

It has been revealed by a recent study that developers tend to spend approximately 55% of the time reworking on projects. Therefore it can be rightly asserted that almost 55% of the salary of a developer will be wasted on fixing bugs which could be avoided by a competent UX design process. That is definitely plenty of wasted cash.

While implementing a UX design process, developers will be testing the designs prior to they’re being handed off to any developer. It is simple to make changes during prototyping and it is also more expensive to do that at an early stage. Companies investing in designing UX will be getting their products released faster since developers will be spending their time on those projects which do not need many alterations.

2. Increase sales

It has been revealed by a study conducted in the year 2016 that in case a company invests more and focuses more on design, they will be seeing more sales. Companies having the highest UX investment have seen their sales increased by approximately 70%. On the other hand, the companies which did not invest in UX to that extent have seen their sales increase by approximately 60%.

Even though a company does not commit completely to become UX-dependent, a small investment in this particular field will result in an increment in sales.

Here are several reasons why sales are going to increase.

• It would be possible for the customers to navigate the site easily and find what they’re searching for

• Clients who are happy while interacting with a particular site will less likely become disengaged or frustrated, and therefore, it is more likely for them to complete transactions

• The right individuals will be able to find the appropriate products given that these have been created for the target audience

• The process of purchasing has been made quite delightful and smooth such that customers are able to come back and also recommend

3. Avoid expensive redesign and project failure

In case you invest in a user-centered design, it will be the most effective way to minimize the risk of project failure in the long run. If user testing is incorporated throughout the process of designing UX, the design will be becoming valid eventually. This will lead to approximately 30% less rework as well as bug fixes after launch. It will be a sensible idea to test beforehand so as to avoid any project failure later on.

4. Reduce your acquisition expenses

An outstanding UX is going to be the most effective advertisement for your business. In fact, if lots of folks use the site, then it implies that the site is good. Nothing can be compared to a user having a good experience. In fact, social proof happens to be an essential factor for the prosperity of your business.

More people are going to come to your site depending on excellent customer reviews once there is a decrease in your bounce rate and you will be spending less on marketing channels eventually. Instead, you are going to convert more. This has got a long-term impact as well.

5. Better reviews

Online customer reviews are quite trustworthy since they come from folks like you. Although offline reviews still exist, people tend to have more faith in online reviews. In case one person becomes dissatisfied, it can impact lots of other users who will not purchase products from you. However, designing UX in an effective way will lead to better reviews in the long run.

The cost of UX design

The cost of a typical UX designer can be a somewhat abstract concept. The business tangibles such as timelines, costs, and milestones are typically based on estimates. The price tag of a UX designer depends on various factors. The scope of the project, the designer’s experience, the amount of testing needed, the functionality or complexity needed from the product, and whether you are taking the help of a UX design agency or a freelancer will be contributing to the final bill. However, there is no doubt that quality UX design happens to be expensive. It is a time-consuming and laborious process as well.

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Venky Hariharan Lead UX Designer