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5 questions to ask while designing UX for the application

UX Design has been the building block of creating a product that wins the heart of the users by establishing a bond that caters to the user’s needs even before it lands into their hands. 

For any creation, the User Application must be built in such a way that will blow the hats off the users. Bridging the gap between man and machine, to user and experience provider is the core of the UX design system. 

Being able to incorporate the ease of UI designing and integration with the intricacy of UX is what a product design and development team works towards. The ways in which UX application designing is sky-rocketing is due to the need for more by the consumers. Well, this comes as a benefit for designers as they get to put their thinking caps on and into the groove of making world-class User experience for the customers.  

Designing UX for the Better

The purpose of having a strong cored User application design team not only boosts the company’s brand but is the biggest aid in customer engagement and review management. As we know, there is an importance of having to deliver a product that is stunning but also efficient enough to blow some minds.

UX design is the integral part of acquiring information and being able to load onto a device in a way that will resonate with the user. The term Usability plays a role here, which means the ability for a user to experience seamless and maximum functioning of the device impacts the failure or success of a device. 

Hence, it is only right to focus on building the UX application with the help of the mega minds behind creation of a great User experience. The UX design comprises of information based on conducted research that shows us what works and what doesn’t in the market. 

The main factor that goes into understanding UX would be the research behind it as it is a complete user-centred process. Read more about the UX Research Survey here. 

User Experience Designers-The Magic Makers

Now that we have understood the need for a fascinating user experience, it is vital to choose the right UX designer team to be able to put forth ideas into a fabulous piece of AI that will be revolutionary, in all senses. 

A UX designer must deliver a product by understanding the need for the product, the solution for the need along with delivering a product that not only gets the work done but keeps the user coming back for more. 

UX design allows designers to get into the shoes of the user to understand why they are looking to purchase a product or device. Further, they move into the research that goes into preparing a product that brings the best of information that will motivate a user to perform those tasks on the said device. Finally, Designers make it pretty. 

What goes behind UX designing?

 Being handed the task to create a smart solution which is eye-catching would be a dream for designers, well most of them. The same way, being able to build a product which guarantees a holistic user experience will need some guidance, read more about the UX Influencing Factors here. 

So, there are certain questions that one can ask to weigh out the pros and cons before going ahead with designing a UX application on a device. 

Question One – Is the product’s UX design User-centric?

Consider a product with the problem, what might the problem be you ask, is that the product does not connect with the user even though there is value. This in turn frustrates the users. 

Question Two – Is there Usability and accessibility?

One can find solace in the finer things in life, the same way a person can find the UX application to be aesthetically pleasing yet, takes more than 10 minutes to perform a task as much time was spent on the pretty thus breaking the functioning of the product. 

Question Three – Does the user experience really provide an experience?

A product lives up to its expectations until the user finds it worthy of it. Being ahead of times is a great way of going one step beyond the mere solving of a problem. This includes adding value to the brand that you put out. 

Question Four – Do I spend a lot on this?

Quick and easy. People are here to stay on top of the trends whilst performing tasks from the hard work of just a *Click*. Cost friendly is an aspect that makes a brand, by putting in the essence of delivering solutions into the product, the user experience bags the first price. 

Question Five – Consistency is the key, Is it?

Being unique is a brand in itself and a designer stands for uniqueness. Considering this, while it comes to aiming for a user experience it is nice to stick to the basics. You will come across the often used “less is more” factor along with adding a little Bam! to your projects. Both go really well if placed well.

Considering the factors and questions that one must spend time on, a true state of the art UX application will be created which will in turn change lives. 

Published by Harikumaran SM

Sr. UI Designer


Harikumaran SM Sr. UI Designer