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Why UI Testing is Critical in Product and Service Design

When there is an idea that can turn the ways of the old into something much more advanced and efficient, it ideates into a solution. The process of the product and service design is similar. UI testing is the cornerstone of design. 

Product design is the way in which an idea comes to life. It is a verb that creates a novelty which can engage in performing tasks. This can be turned into a business as the product comes with its functionality. Whereas Service design would be the more Human-centred approach to putting an idea into reality. Both of these business paths are the crux of a socially vibrant and intelligent society that we live in. 

Importance of Product and Service Design

Ideas for product design are based on want or a demand for a solution. There is always a need for product design with the help of adding the touch of service design. Both of these design systems follow the crucial flow of planning, building, testing and producing along with managing because the work does not stop there. 

Understanding the tools for product design and service design will help UI/UX designers understand the importance for the creation of ideas. Service design ensures the user gets the value of the product while product design aims are delivering systems that are needed by the customers.

Customer experience is the basis of how a company is establishing its presence in the masses. Service design aims at providing a functional system that will help in the betterment of customer engagement. 

Implementing a source of solution from a product will allow a company to expand into the places of need. This in turn will optimize the company’s value and provide a larger customer traffic. 

UI Testing – Make or Break Factor

The obvious definition of the UI testing is a given but when it comes to the all-round development of a product, it is integral to understand the testing components that come into play. The UI testing components come under two things which are,

  1. How well does your product process information via input devices
  2. How well your visual elements are being displayed and appropriately. 

UI Testing is to make sure the user interface design system is set into place in a complete manner to be able to produce a high quality, fully functioning product when it hands into the hands of the user. 

Usability is what UI testing is needed for.  Usability plays an important role in measuring a good UI design system. The ability of the product to be in full interaction with the user and help them navigate themselves, seamlessly is what accounts for usability. 

UI testing aims at making sure the app is working with no problems and appropriately with the least effort. This makes it an important part of Service Design as well as Product Design

UI Testing – A Deeper Look

Let us understand the different types of user interfaces for us to understand the importance of using UI testing.

Command line interface allows users to input information using terminal commands only whereas Graphic line Interface allows the usage of gestures and touch factors to enter input by the user.

To get deeper into understanding UI testing, we must take a look at what are the pros and cons of Manual and automated testing and its accuracy.

Manual testing is required when it is impractical to test using automated technology. When the testing requires a more subjective approach, manual testing is fancied. 

Automated testing ensures quality delivery of solutions and saves a lot of time and man force. It will also remove all possibility of human error.

Benefits of UI testing

UI testing is integral, just like user research. When we are building something that is user centric, we need to be sure of its purpose and functioning or it would be redundant to put something on the market. 

UI testing allows the team to make quick and better decisions regarding what works and what does. Designers will be able to gauge what works and whatever the user needs to be satisfied. It is only apt for a UI/UX designer to follow up through the end of the production line to make sure there is no faulty piece of their art.

Finally, if a faulty piece lands into the hands of the user, it will affect the company in a bad way. This will allow bad reviews and dissatisfaction from the users end about the company and thus leaving a stain on the brand’s name. 

Such errors can be handled by testing the products out, thoroughly. Hence, UI testing was, is, and will be an integral part of production when it comes to product design or service design. 

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Pratik Kohli UX / UI Designer