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Trending topics in UI design

Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Users visit several websites every single day and designers need to be aware of the existing and upcoming trends that are influenced by this rapidly growing tech world. Entrepreneurs and business owners need to focus on the visual appeal and usability of their websites and digital apps and services to attract their consumers and keep them engaged. To do this they need to be aware of the latest UI design trends, constantly keep learning and evolving their skills to stay up to date.

These are some of the UI design and UX design trends 2021 that designers will need to continue to watch out for.


Minimalism is continuing to be a design trend that many designers will adopt due to its popularity. Users are inundated with information from every corner. From constant mobile app notifications to various advertisements, all this information can get extremely overwhelming. 

To counteract this problem, designers are moving towards simpler graphic design that won’t overwhelm their users. They limit the number of colours that they use so that the interface is more functional rather than being purely decorative. The focus is towards simple and elegant design that highlights the most important components of the website. 

Many e-commerce websites are adopting this minimalistic user experience design trend.

2. Animated Illustrations

Illustrations are not a new trend in UI designing. But they have evolved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. They are very popular amongst the latest UI design trends as they add a natural feel and human touch to the user experience of digital products. They are also extremely useful to grab the attention of users. Adding motion to these illustrations adds extra detail that really brings the websites and mobile apps to life. Animations are a great way to tell the story of your brand, product or services and get users to interact with the different elements of your website.

3. Simplified UX

As more users move towards less complicated interfaces, simplified UX is all set to become an important focus amongst all the latest UX design trends. Users do not want to spend hours of their time filling out complicated forms and elements. Simplified UX will be an important aspect of the website flow design. Designers will need to focus on minimising the number of elements and fields that users should fill out.

A lot of websites have been utilizing the automated feature and following this UX trend to avoid extra registration steps. This creates a seamless and smooth user experience that results in delighted users.

4. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions exist in almost every website or app that we use. Think of an app like Instagram, an app we’re all familiar with. The like or comment feature is an example of a micro-interaction. Most times, users are not even aware of micro-interactions, because they are so seamlessly integrated into the user interface. They don’t seem out of place, because they are naturally blended into the user interface.

However if you remove these features from the website or app, users are bound to notice them. They will quickly start to feel like something really important is missing. 

In UI/UX design these micro-interactions might seem like small and subtle changes but they have a huge impact on the overall user experience. Attention to small details like these micro-interactions will raise the standard of your digital products and help them stand out from your competition. As we see newer trends in technology emerge, so will new and innovative micro-interactions.

5. 3D Graphics in Web and Mobile UI

3D graphics have seen a huge resurgence in movies, video games, and advertisements and even hoardings in Times Square. Since its introduction a few years ago, it has improved and evolved dramatically. Technology in Web and Mobile UI has also been growing rapidly. Improved browser capabilities have opened up the door for 3D graphics. Designers can now create and implement amazing 3D graphics into modern web and mobile interfaces.

These require a very specific skill set that designers will need to learn and adapt to, but the results can be extremely rewarding. These 3D graphic renders will allow designers to present the product or services in a much more interactive and engaging way such as a 360 degree presentation which will mimic a real world in-store shopping experience.

6. Voice User Interface

Interactions with voice user interfaces have once again emerged as one of the latest UX design trends in 2021. It saw a widespread adoption in UX and UI design. Many apps allow users to search

for products using voice input or translate words into other languages.

7. Mobile-first approach

With the evolution of smartphones, the possibilities of what users can do with their phones has expanded. For this reason, designers need to adopt a mobile first approach and ensure that their design doesn’t just look good and function well on the desktop version. This is why the mobile first approach has become a significant priority when it comes to UX design trends 2021. 

Having a great mobile app is a great way to increase customer interaction.

8. Onboarding

Onboarding is a simple way of introducing users to your app and its features. It helps users get insights into how an application works and the key features it offers. Keep your onboarding process simple and concise.

9. Storytelling

Stories play an important role in the overall UX of digital product design. Storytelling is a great way of introducing users to the brand, product or service in an interactive and engaging way. Use a balance of good writing with strong visual elements such as typography, illustrations, photos, animations and interactive elements to tell a story.

10. Augmented Reality

There are endless opportunities to innovate and create brand new and exciting experiences in the AR space. UI design for AR will be one of the major trends in 2020, so as designers we should be prepared and eager to learn new tools, principles when creating AR experiences.


At the end of the day the goal of UI and the latest UX design trends is not to create the best UI design, but create a functional way to get users excited about your products. Staying updated with these trends is a great way to level up your UI product design.

Sidharth Kumar