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Top Blogs that will inspire you with their UX content

If you have just started your journey in the UX design industry, there are a lot of blogs that can inspire you with their content about UX design. Even seasoned veterans in the field can read these blogs to refresh their learning and stay updated with all the new trends. The field of UX design and development is a constantly evolving field and following these blogs is a great way to find inspiration. 

In this post, we curated a list of some of our favourite UX design blogs that never fail to inspire us. Blogs are freely accessible to everyone, and are a great way to learn about UX design. You can always bookmark the articles you find helpful and reference them whenever you need to brush up your learning. 

The topics in these blogs range from trending topics in the UX design industry, to case studies, in depth research and more. This list of UX design and UI blogs cover a range of topics that will be especially helpful if you are looking to start a career in UX and UI design. 

Read on below to browse through these blogs we have curated to find the ones you like.

Top UX Design Blogs

1. Nielsen Norman Group

Neilson Norman

Nielsen Norman Group is a UX research and consulting firm. Their clients are some of the leading organisations in the world. They provide reliable guidance on user experience and have articles written by authors who are considered to be experts in the field of user experience. They are backed by well conducted research. 

Some of their recent blog posts are;

Their blog is professional yet beginner friendly. This is a good place to start your UX design journey.

2. UX Planet

UX Planet is a one stop resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about UX design and user research. They have helpful articles for anyone wanting to learn more about the the UX design process. They also write blog posts on how to create a portfolio for a UX designer and more.

3. UX Matters

From beginners to experts, everyone is sure to find something useful at UX Matters. From tips that will help you improve your UX work, to the latest industry trends and even useful tools and resources. UX Matters is a blog that will do all of this and more for you in the UX design field.

This is a helpful blog for anyone in this field of work.

4. GoodUI

This is a blog with a lot of useful information on user testing. This is especially useful for UX designers just getting started in the field, or those interested to learn more about UX research.

For those looking for great insights on user testing, start here.

5. Evanto Tuts+

This is a great blog that has thousands of free tutorials and online courses for anyone wanting to learn about software development. From mobile devices to web applications, their blog covers a range of topics. They have extensive learning guides that give you a deep dive into the various kinds of software development. These learning guides help beginners master a topic from start to finish.

They also have a lot of free resources that are great for newcomers in the UX design world.

6. Design Shack

Design Shack caters to a broad audience who want to find inspiration. From blog articles on great UX design to helpful resources, to blogs that help you become a better designer, Design Shack is a great resource for everybody.

7. Inside Design

A blog by Invision, which is a prototyping software used by tech giants like Spotify, Amazon and IBM. The blog topics range from topics like best practices in UX design, to tutorial videos.

8. Speckyboy

9. The Layout by Flywheel

The Layout is a blog by Flywheel, that shares inspiring content in the field of UX design. They also have a free Ebook library with lots of great resources on topics that range from web design to WordPress tools and tutorials.

10. 1st Web Designer

1st Web Designer is a great time saver, as it shares lots of relevant articles and resources for UX designers who use WordPress. They regularly come up with new and fresh content. They share a new list every week, so you can always find new resources to browse through.

11. InstantShift

This blog offers great career advice for UX designers. From the best companies to work as a UX designer, to career tips, and even different design tools and tutorials, this blog offers a lot of great stuff. They also share a lot of free design resources like icons and digital banners.

12. Designlab

Designlab has some amazing free content. From tips, videos, tutorials and great insights, this is a great blog for new UX designers. They also offer a lot of freebies such as; webinars with industry pros; free 7-day email courses to learn software like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD; and thought leadership on where the industry is going and how best to break in now.

13. UX Collective

An extremely popular blog on Medium, UX Collective shares new stories daily from contributors across a variety of topics related to UX design. This is a great daily resource for UX designers to stay updated in their field.

14. One Thing Design Blog

We regularly share blog articles on the things that inspire us in the field of UX and UI design. The blog is a space for our community to design, learn and grow together. 

Our recent articles include:

And many more.

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