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Top 8 New AI Tools for UI:UX Design

The User Experience design space has witnessed enormous transformations over the years, and especially between 2021 and 2022. Designers have a plethora of tools at their disposal to create designs. These top AI powered tools can show designers a peek at the final result at every step, thus ensuring less effort and more output. These include AI based Prototyping tools that basically allow a designer to hasten the process of design and also make it much more effective by validating it at every step. 

By using AI in design, designers can automate the entire process. Whether its creating layouts or designing templates, every step of the design stage can be made a lot more efficient with these AI-enabled tools for UI/UX.

Let’s look at some of the best AI design tools available today and how you can incorporate them in your work as an UI/UX designer.

1. Uizard


An extremely popular platform, Uizard teaches a machine to understand graphical user interfaces in the same way that human beings do. By using AI, designers can generate native mobile applications directly using a sketch. Not only does it automate the design process, it also generates a code from the sketch. For testing your design and the flow with users, Uizard is a great tool.

2. Remove.bg

Remove bg

With remove.bg’s clever AI, editing time just got cut down by half. Removing backgrounds by hand is a painful task that unnecessarily takes up a lot of a designer’s time. With remove.bg removing backgrounds from images just got a lot easier. All you need to do is select a photo, wait 5 seconds and immediately get a transparent cutout – automatically and for free.

3. Attention Insight

Attention insight shows you AI powered design analytics for a higher conversion rate, better product performance and user-centric design. It is a great tool that helps you discover any website usability issues with your site and understand what elements are noticed by users when they visit your website.

4. Colormind

Colormind is an artificial intelligence powered colour palette generator that applies the principle of deep learning. It allows you to create your own beautiful colour styles taking inspiration from any image/video or popular art.

5. Let’s Enhance 

Let’s Enhance is a powerful AI tool that allows designers to increase image resolution without compromising on the quality of the image. The entire process is a 100% automatic and quick. You can upscale images without losing quality up to 16x.

Improving photo’s is now so much easier with Let’s Enhance. Designers can use this tool to obtain high resolutions with fully automated processing.

6. InVision

InVision has now become one of the most widely used prototyping tools across the world. Over 2 million users now use InVision to present their designs, due to its capabilities. In fact, this tool gained so much traction worldwide, that many experts say that it is one of the toughest competitions Adobe Wireframe has faced till date. 

What this tool essentially does is, it allows a designer to create and share clickable versions of their designs. They can then test and present these designs in front of stakeholders or clients. 

That’s not all, InVision also allows a designer to share their screen with other designers and fellow collaborators, create animations and transitions and it also interacts with most common design tools such as Sketch and Photoshop.

7. Balsamiq

For most designers, their priority is simplicity when it comes to figuring out how their end product will look. Balamiq is a tool that can help them with this aspect. While most other prototyping tools come with extremely fancy and colourful interfaces, the Balamiq wireframe, eliminates all of the clutter. It tries to reproduce the physical experience of sketching on a notepad or whiteboard on the computer. 

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it allows the designer to focus all their energy on the content first rather than style, colours etc. which can anyway be done in the end.

8. Mockplus.

Mockplus is one of the first tools that comes to mind when it comes to a tool that helps designers better implement creativity, communication, material collection and also reduce manual labour. In this AI driven design era, every designer needs Mockplus.

This tool helps designers automate design and export design right from platforms such as Sketch, Photoshop or Adobe XD. It also allows the designers to see specification prepared automatically and build interactive prototypes which can be extremely handy.


While AI tools will never be able to completely replace human emotions and the value that designers add, they can definitely help elevate what designers do, by automating routine tasks and helping designers find more time to be more productive and creative. All of these AI told are extremely useful for designers to have in their arsenals so that they can create the most effective and best versions of their designs. 

The design domain might be becoming an AI-driven, but it won’t be an easy task for a machine to understand human emotions which is very much necessary in designing. Rather, AI tools can become designer’s best friends and allowing them to be more creative. 

Published by Harikumaran SM

Sr. UI Designer


Harikumaran SM Sr. UI Designer