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Top 5 Examples of Brilliant Mobile UI Designs for Inspiration

Mobile phones as we call the greatest progressing invention of the 21st century never cease to “wow” us with their new and improved versions that only keep on top of the trending charts. It is safe to say that it is indeed the one device that connects the world. All the credit goes to the one thing that keeps our eyes on our phones which are Mobile UI Designs. 

The layout that we see, the formulation and placement of apps, the accessibility and everything comprising the display is nothing but the Mobile User Interface Designs. Yes, all the interactions you do with your go-to gadget is the out-pour of the world of mobile UI designs.

Understanding Mobile User Interface Designing

What makes a mobile display stand out? It could be the splash of colours, or perhaps the font style or the seamless flow of one screen to another. All of these are important factors that bring out the best in a mobile design.  

Mobile UI designs are the graphical placement and screen appearance of a mobile device. This includes a smartphone, a tablet.  Mobile app design is a huge deal when it comes to optimizing your apps. 

Why do we need Mobile UI Designs?

The sole purpose investing in UI design for mobile apps is to increase user engagement as well as make it an enjoyable user experience. This will minimize costs and time on maintenance as the user can effortlessly resolve all issues if occurred. 

Mobile app design-101 

A designer is to keep in mind the goal of the mobile app before bringing in the creative side. Keeping it simple enough to make a new user understand the ways of the app is vital. We do not need dramatic graphics to get a point across. 

How to do it like a Pro

The basic deal to bring to the table is to focus on improving the usability of the product app. Let’s take a stroll through the Principles for Mobile UI Designs. There is a connection which is maintained by the designers who produce quality mobile app designs ideas.

Accessibility and creativity will help Mobile app design companies stay on the latest trends when it comes to UI-UX designs. Especially with mobile app designs. Click here to know more about  Guide to Mobile App Design.  . 

Quality Mobile UI Design Templates for Creative Inspiration

YONO MP3-Music App

This out of the box app designed by Anton Shmatko, Green Shark Studio, Pavel Khenkin is eye-catching with the contrast of colours and overlapping of buttons that allows users to not only listen to music but also catch the radio for their daily news time as well listen to podcasts in real time. 

Through the YONO MP3- Music App users can not only share the music they love with others, but can also find new friends.  The Vibram feature of this app will help users recognize songs and share their latest discoveries.  

Watering Tracker App-Life App

This Tubik designed life app allows the user to regulate plant growth for those plant lovers out there. It also helps users remember and get the stats on their plants. The greenery in the app is what is attractive and relevant. 

The Water Tracker App allows users to get daily reminders to water their plants. Plant details such as humidity, temperature, environment are clearly for the owners to know the conditions of their plant. 

NightOwl Coffee-Coffee ordering App

This one is a funky new way to order coffee, with its unique and quirky cartoons and minimal colour usage is another template to be inspired from. The designer company is Queble Solutions 

Karoline-The Shopping App

The app is a posh new street style promoting online shopping centre by Vardhuri Adami. The chic pink background is sweet and inviting, mostly female user centric and allows a seamless fashion shopping experience. By offering a series of pages that a user may need while shopping such as; my account, shopping card, my orders, etc, makes the app much more organised and easy to use.  

Space-Managing App

This app helps users to be prepared for the day ahead by reporting the traffic situation, weather and other important reminders. The designer Douen Shin incorporated animations which are apt with the right colour scheme, enhancing the reports of the day.

The Space- Managing App offers its users personalised theme and alarm sounds depending on their mood. With multiple functional interfaces like Daily Services, Mood Calendar it helps users manage their lives. The special voice dairy feature of this app does a thorough emotional analysis and comforts the users by giving a personal input. It is a designer’s right to stand out of the crowd but when it comes to taking inspiration from the experts, it is the right way to move ahead. Various mobile app design templates are available to stay relevant and cater to the satisfaction of user interface designing.


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