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5 Examples of Case Study for UX from Fintech, EdTech & IoT

UX case study is an important task for every upcoming and professional UX designer. They can learn a lot from the success and failures of their peers from doing their UX case study. They reveal the story of the design process in a written form filled with visual elements, prototypes, wireframes, and screens.

UX case study is very important to recruiters. It will help them get an evaluation of the UX designer’s design process, problem-solving methods, user research skills, presentation, and so on. 

UX case study objectives

  1. Should tell a UX design story in a progressive manner 
  2. It should be precise and to the point 
  3. Should contain visual examples to convey the information 
  4. Should appreciate efforts of the other team members 
  5. It should be readily available on the digital platforms 
  6. Should project the information about the app’s future 
  1. Light bank App UX case study

This was designed by UX Design Agency (UXDA) which specializes in fintech and banking app design. It took several months to come up with this app. It is one of the most popular banking user experience case studies with a large number of views. It has won International Design Award (IDA), London Design Award, and many more nominations. 

As per UXDA, to achieve this success, they

  1. Simplified the UX design structure of the app to remove navigation bar offered voice assistant which helped the daily operations
  2. Product-feature audit and extensive user research and created empathy map to find problems that troubled users while using other complex banking services
  3. Used cognitive psychology and user patterns to fulfill the user needs

The UX case study is publicly available and copyright protected. 

  1. ITTI Digital Back-Office UX case study

This was also designed by UX Design Agency (UXDA). They designed this core banking solution with a complete focus on the bank employees. The user research was conducted on all banking employee’s problem points and came up with a solution that will drastically reduce human errors and make bank employees more productive. To make it user-centric, the developers translated huge data into structured language. This reduced the bank employee’s training period from months to hours. Because of the app, banking services speed increased, employee productivity became high, leading to better customer satisfaction.

  1. DROOG: 

It’s an EdTech app made for 12th standard students and teachers for semi metropolitan cities of India. The design process is simple, which starts from Empathize, define, ideate, wireframing, and design.  After the research user issues included, 

  1. lack of student-to-student interaction
  2. Query solutions not quick enough
  3. Students not used to study online
  4. Lack of discussion forums

To solve this, 

  1. a better UI is needed and 
  2. A better feedback system has to be designed.
  3. Multilanguage options for regional students needed
  1. Coursera Redesign 

Coursera is an EdTech app that offers a large number of courses with 180 odd specializations taught by educators from multiple universities. To handle this large amount of modifications is needed to provide the best learning experience to students. The task here is to improve user interaction and make better user search.

   After conducting thorough user research and competitor analysis, the following points need to be addressed.

  1. Poor course discovery
  2. Inconsistent UI
  3. Less engaging platform
  4. Large course description 

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