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What are the Approaches to Product Design

What does the word product remind you about? Indeed, most of you might be thinking of a product in the retail store. But in the world of designing, the term can be used in multiple ways. A product for designers can be an app, webpage, or even a commercial product. Regardless of what it currently refers to, every product is a result of an extensive designing process. The designers follow a variety of approaches to give the desired output.

There is no hard and fast rule to follow a particular approach to product designing. You will find several approaches to product design.  All the great products had unique designs. This is possible only when you adopt innovative approaches to product design. In this post, we will deal with the most common methods and approaches.

Approaches To Product Design

Innovation in product designing is the only method that will help you achieve success. There should be something unique about your designs. Just a product design process has various stages; this includes three steps. Each of the steps has been elaborately discussed in this post. 


There is one similarity between writers and designers. A writer finds it difficult to start a paragraph. Similarly, a designer has a tough time preparing the skeleton of his design. So how to overcome this situation effortlessly. The answer to this is research. Every product design process starts with research.  The research will help your team generate ideas. The output generated in the result is the solution to your problem. There are two essentials to comply with for successful research.

  1. Start by accepting the situation at hand. Find out the resources you have to meet the needs and make the best out of them.
  2. Once you are ready with all your tools, now the research begins. Start by finding out the problem which your design will solve.


So, the problems have been identified. Take notes of all the issues you figured out in the first step. Now how do you solve them? Your design is the solution to the problem. Conceptualize the problems into potential ideas. This can be done by breaking down each problem and visualizing the needs associated with it. The needs of your user can be reflected in these problems. The objectives of product design are mainly to suffice the needs of the customer. A product that cannot serve the purpose is a failed product.  That is why it is crucial to create a product that satisfies your customer.

Creating A Framework

You have the ideas, solutions to problems figured out in the previous step. The immediate step is to transform those ideas into a blueprint of your product. This is the stage where you create a prototype.  You put all your ideas into practice in this step. Many designers get lost in the vast sea of ideas generated by them. It becomes challenging to give a structure to all these solutions. The ideal method to create a framework is to find a relation between the different data generated from the first two steps. You can achieve this by manipulating, organizing, and finding out relevant data. All the information generated may not be helpful, so you have to pick the ones that will serve your purpose. 

Modern Approaches To Product Design

As the times are changing, the requirements of users are also changing. This has created many new approaches to product designing.

Virtual Reality And Product Designing

A new field where product designers are in demand is virtual reality. The approach to designing anything for a VR platform is that nothing should be designed without a prototype. Virtual reality is all about giving the user a different and innovative experience. A blueprint of the product for VR can look beautiful; however, the experience would be completely different. If the product cannot generate the desired experience, it fails to serve its purpose. This is why so much emphasis is laid on the prototype for virtual reality products.

Machine Learning And Product Designing

We are living in the information age. There is data everywhere, and a vast amount of it is generated daily. In such circumstances, machine learning has come into the picture. Machine learning in the coming years will make the job of product designers relatively easy. It has the power to collect the relevant data, analyze it and look for patterns. A model of your product can be created in the same way. All the analyzing part will be done by artificial intelligence. Designers need to visualize the data and design the product. This is going to solve the problems of both designers and users.  Big brands are already adopting this for providing the best service to their customers. 

As long as your design is sustainable and user-friendly, the approach of designing doesn’t matter. The key to a great product lies in customer satisfaction. It would be best if you also tried to follow the trends in the market. The design created should be dynamic and adaptable to different situations. Lastly, all the creativity of the designer is also equally important.

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