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Client Introduction

Leverage Edu is one of the world’s fastest-growing ed-tech companies. It is transforming access to higher education and accelerating exponential career growth by democratizing mentorship, breaking traditional systems and helping students realize their academic ambitions. Leverage Edu has three distinct product offerings for three different focus groups: school kids, young graduates and working professionals. 

Design Challenges


The current user experience lacked content discoverability.


Leverage Edu had to gain the users’ trust by demonstrating subject matter expertise.



Leverage Edu requires an SEO friendly interface to increase user traction and retention.




UX Research

  • A heatmap analysis on the old website was carried out to understand the user’s search history, engagements and drop off points.  
  • With research, three unique user personas were identified i.e, school students, college students and working professionals. 




In order to improve content discoverability, we decided to build three separate landing pages for each target audience and populate the page with relevant content. Since, the school students are the primary target audience, the content on the first fold caters to them. However, you can select the demographic pertaining to you and go to the corresponding landing page. Each section on the home page was optimized to increase trust in the brand. The content was evaluated and redesigned to mould a positive perception of the brand. Students’ testimonials, awards and recognition, association with renowned mentors and the timeline of the brand’s accomplishments were highlighted to gain the user’s trust.

To position Leverage Edu as the experts in the ed-tech space, innovative tools were built to arouse user curiosity, build engagement and increase time spent on the website. 


  1. Find your University tool
    This tool employs Leverage Edu’s Proprietary AI Algorithm to match user profiles and credentials against millions of data points to find their ‘Perfect University Fit’ in less than 2 minutes. 
  2. Cost of Living Calculator
    This tool helps students get a ballpark monthly expense of the cost of education post admission. Since cost is a leading concern among students, this tool helps students make an informed decision. 




The most eye-catching part of the website is the header section. We used a full-width video as the background instead of a static image. The video shows a time-lapse of some of the most renowned universities in the world and communicates to the users that their dream university is not a dream anymore. 

We designed a unique icon for every user persona which is duly replicated all over the platform for increased familiarity. A simple sans serif font “Montserrat” was incorporated in various font weights to achieve a distinct visual hierarchy. Since the website was text-heavy, we used flat style illustrations to break the monotony and complexity of the content. Pastel colors were used for the illustrations to increase the contrast between the text and the visuals. 











“Their team of skilled professionals provided top-notch product knowledge and excellent service throughout the process.”

Akshay Chaturvedi
Founder & CEO, Leverage Edu

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