ORIX India is one of the pioneers in providing Business Transportation Solutions pan India with the highest market share. They have more than 1000 corporate customers and are expanding their platform to retail customers through an autonomous website. They approached us to design the aforementioned website, with unique design challenges in tow.

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A seamless leasing experience, built around the Orix DNA and principles!

The platform features a fully autonomous car leasing system, allowing users to book a vehicle anytime, from anywhere.

How can we streamline the process of leasing a car, without compromising on safety, assurance, and trust towards the user?

Outcomes End-to-end leasing process

Once the process of selecting a vehicle from the Orix’s expansive fleet was solidified, the next challenge was to tackle the actual leasing journey. This was to be kept short, while allowing Orix to collect all necessary data from users, without overloading their cognition. We opted for a simple, yet effective 4-step booking journey which allowed for data collection, while minimising drop-off.

Outcomes Functional dashboards for analysis and operation

In addition to the consumer facing portal, we were tasked with designing dashboards, solving for both user autonomy, and enterprise grade tracking in the backend. The dashboards followed fundamentals in the field, featuring clockwise categorisation to guide users through flows, alongside distinct usage of colour to convey insights and action items.

Outcomes Intuitive booking flow

We devised an overall booking journey, which put users in the driver’s seat when it came to all interactions. From tracking applications, to calculating a lease, anyone interfacing with the site can pivot between journeys with ease, with their goal of accomplishing a fixed task always in mind.

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The team grasped the problem statement and delivered solutions through a thorough design process. They also helped us understand best practices in the industry to create an autonomous platform that would cater to the needs of our users.

Vikas Saini Assistant Vice President, ORIX

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