Research, UX & UI Design, Graphic and Motion Design

Client Introduction

MyMoneyMantra is your one-stop destination to search for the best Home Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards in India. Since 1989, more than 50 lakh customers have fulfilled their dreams with us. Our network of 100+ banks and NBFCs promises the most affordable and suitable finance deal for you.

Design Challenges


The primary challenge was designing for a legacy financial company to compete with new-age platforms. In a world where technology is rapidly enhancing; MMM wanted to update its platform to Global Standards


MMM wanted to ensure that all flows are seamless and user friendly. The application process needed to be built from the ground up, ensuring minimum steps and maximum assistance.


We had to focus on optimizing the lengthy forms, and educating the users on Credit Score and financial functionalities/clauses.


It was imperitive to maintain the brand ethos and come up with a design that places MMM way ahead in the game and ensures user and business objectives are met.


How can we optimize the existing MMM web responsive and App to provide a customized, seamless and delightful experience to users looking for Financial Products? To solve this problem, we began with creating wireframes to put our ideas into action.

Design System

Throughout the app, we only used one typeface – the minimal, Avenir. We used the Primary MMM green on a darker and lighter interface to create a modern and refreshing look and feel. We used gradients to bring in character and dynamism in the entire design system.