MyMoneyMantra is your one-stop destination to search for the best Home Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards in India. Since 1989, more than 50 lakh customers have fulfilled their dreams with us. Their network of 100+ banks, and NBFCs promises the most affordable and suitable finance deal for customers.

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    User Research

    UX UI Design



Sleek UI

Feature an attractive, inviting, and modern user interface.

Digital Transformation

Carry over the goodwill from MMM’s physical brand, to digital.



Keep the feeling of trust and reliability front and center.

Smart Categorisation

To categorise the myriad products on display efficiently.


Bringing the world of NBFCs, to the digital space

MyMoneyMantra has a massive catalogue of financial instruments, for users to leverage. To take these, and put all the information, and paperwork related to them in a digital setting, while not compromising on trust or assuring was the primary focus.

How can we digitise the trust and assurance associated with MMM’s brand to a digital context?

Onboarding Modern, minimal homepage

A homepage is the first-touch point of the user. We optimised the navigation focussing on information hierarchy while creating a strong, minimal, and modern design system.

Long and short forms

We categorised and created timeline based forms to improve user retention, control, and enhance the form filling experience.

400K+ Trusted
Building trust and transparency

We assisted the user with relevant information to educate and sensitise the user towards financial terminologies. We also built trust through a personalised experience.

Outcomes Going beyond just the Interface

We worked on Illustrations, motion graphics and graphic design assets to tie the entire customer experience together.

Designed seamlessly across platforms

We designed a mobile and web responsive platform for the brand. The design system and grid was constructed so as to make development efficient.

Design system

The impact



increase in digital applications



reduction in time spent to fill a form

Bounce rate


reduction in bounce rate



We did a major chunk of the project in the lockdown period. Although we were apprehensive of the outcomes, Onething made sure that the project went smoothly. They have a unique outlook towards problem solving while meeting business objectives.

Aparna Sharma Director, Mymoneymantra


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