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About Onething

Onething is rated among the top UX studios in India for 2020-21. With a diverse portfolio designing products
from new age tech, to traditional giants of their industries, we’re pushing the envelope when it comes to the future of design thinking.
Millions  of users interact with products we’ve helped design, and that number is only growing everyday.

Job requirements

What you will be doing here:

  • Use your soft skills and strategy to farm and hunt new leads (what we call relations
  • Understand the needs of the clients in depth and demonstrate that ho we can be their perfect design partners
  • Be proactive, quickly learn how the market is going on, understand our targeted industries, anticipate their needs and connect well with the right people
  • Collaborate with our internal team, the leads to ensure a compelling conversation with potential customers
  • Identify new opportunities and mediums to maximize our outbound reach
  • Obtain a detailed understanding of clients broader business, their requirements, the industry and economic influences

What you need to know:

  • You have the knack to understand the business problems. You’re a natural conversation starter, you build rapport quickly and love creating and nurturing relationships. Preferably you have worked in the digital product and/or tech services industry with some basic understanding of the sales cycle. You keep an eye on where business, tech and design are headed and you have perspectives and ability to communicate beyond just a standard sales pitch
  • Knowing that it’s a fast-moving and at times even ambiguous environment, it’ll be great if you know how to work autonomously and have an active state of mind to identify various ways to maximize outreach to achieve goals and objectives
  • You’re a hunter and a farmer and well-versed in balancing your time and resources managing new businesses and sustaining relationships with existing customers
  • On a daily basis, you’ll be responsible for reaching out to targeted audiences, and maintaining relationships with the existing and potential customers. You’ll be instrumental in creating thorough business proposals for the clients, through understanding of their needs
  • If you believe that you can take up the ownership of ensuring converting conversations into business, welcome to our team. You’ll be directly involved in all aspects of sales and marketing. We’re here to offer an open learning environment with newer bigger experiments with a quick lean approach

What you need to have :

  • Love for making and sustaining relationships for creating new business opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial, collaborative and strong negotiation skills to close deals
  • Ability to get in the shoes of the clients to understand their core problems and be able to define well to the designing team
  • Ease with leading and working with internal and external teams
  • Art of crafting winning sales strategy
  • Preferably having a strong network with a potential to get leads converted
  • Knowledge of various industries, and being able to interact well with the clients and take them thoroughly with the sales pitch
  • Strong interpersonal skills – being comfortable working with CXOs, Directors, designers, alike
  • Existing experience in a similar role or domain

You’ll fit in if you are:

  • Enthusiastic, motivated and brimming with ideas
  • Are passionate (with sworn vengeance) about the latest developments in technology, business and growing a company
  • A team player who can communicate and collaborate seamlessly
  • A born leader who can motivate and guide others

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    Our Values

    Principles that make us who we are

    Onething : About us

    Think, and then do.

    Everything, small or large, has to be thought out to the core. Our actions are based on logic and facts.

    Onething : About us

    Truth, always.

    We communicate and set the right expectations with everyone we work with.

    Onething : About us


    We are passionate craftsmen - we respect everyone’s time and energy. We give it all when we sign up to working together.

    Onething : About us

    Shoot to win.

    We have an attitude of a spartan. We either win or we learn; there is no in-between.

    Onething : About us

    Be there for each other.

    We believe in going that extra mile in our personal and professional relationships. A world is better when you’re not afraid to give.

    Onething : About us

    Take ownership, every time.

    We lead the way. We take ownership of things. We don’t blame, we find solutions, together.