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Top 5 Tips to Ace the Chatbots UI with Real-Life Examples

What is the one thing that we think Artificial Intelligence lacks when it comes to user interface and user experience optimization? We think of the lack of personality that an AI gadget offers to a user. 

How to ace the chatbot UI would be by creating a futuristic product that transcends the ability to just put across information on a screen to be able to connect with the user. Chatbots are a remarkable replacement for the lack of that connection. 

Chatbots – A dawn of the New UI

To enhance the user interface and experience, design systems are new including the usage of chatbots UI. Chatbots or Chatterbots, as they call it are basically a UI design software that allows users to interact with the product. This can be done through text, text-speech, or voice commanded conversations as well. 

Chatbot UI design comes with human aided interactions which establishes swift replies whilst being accurate to the point of the task. Chatbots design has revolutionized the world of AI, allowing users to not just experience commanding over a machine but to let the co-ordinated beauty of having a conversation.

Benefits of the Chatterbots

UI Chatbot designs have been designed to streamline customer service by enhancing the interactions into providing accurate description of a user’s problem and delivering a solution in a matter of minutes without relying on externalities which include waiting for a responder to be appointed.

Chatbots in Healthcare

The stimulation of a natural human conversation to get the job done quick.  Looking at availability of hospital rooms, keeping track of a patient’s tests and diagnosis is a grave responsibility which can be taken up by the advancement of AI with the human touch.

Chatbots in Education

Higher education authorities have favoured the use of chatbots as an integral part of their curriculum. Teachers have achieved interaction with a large number of students through the chatbots. 

This is done by uploading a series of frequently asked queries and answers to the same. Along with this, scheduling of appointments and classes have been made simple and effective to the students and the teachers. Students have been able to keep track of messages from their professors and the school authorities. 

Chatbots in Banking

We have all dreaded the idea of having to raise a query with the bank workers and this is a fact, nothing to be embarrassed about. Well, the problems seem to be lightened by having chatbot designs set up to be able to send out our requests without having to hold an entire day. This is how to ace the Chatbot UI. 

Chatbot UI designs have been made simple for users to seamlessly understand the details of what needs to be done when it comes to banking matters.

A Revolutionary Chatbot – What goes into it?

In lieu of how to ace the chatbot UI, designers have to understand the intricacies that go into making AI that produces a touch of conversation. Click here for a better understanding of AI for Better Experience 

With the right algorithms, Chatbots will be able to generate specific answers to queries that have been asked over time without any training required. 

Real Life Examples of Chatbots

A variety of chatbots UI designs have been released which work efficiently for an effortless drive through the product by the user. Let us take a look at a few, before we learn how to ace the chatbot UI, Shall we?

  • HubBot by HubSpot

A combination of an easy-to-read font with a 2-scheme colour chat system proves that less is more. Apart from a clever name. Hubspot has created an apt tool for marketers with an integral inter-linking system that allows direct navigation to solution pages. A good inspiration for an efficient design.

  • Replika – The chatbot that sounds super real

This chatbot has been able to take it to the next step by making everything human-sounding and life-like. Most chatbots stop at chats with text but it’s nice create a special art form in the world of AI

  • Milo, the Humour Bot

Adding a little humour brings anything to life. Likewise, Milo, a chatbot that helps create websites, brings a similar fun to the table by being able to connect to customers and what they truly want. A notable Chatbot inspiration. 

  • Screen that Welcomes you

Vlad Tyzum designed a screen that allows the user to get the first look of chirpy animation that is soothing. Welcome screens are the crux of the user interface designing system, by adding a little magic to it, works wonders with the help of chatbots

  • Animated Chats with Jakub Antilak

The designs of this chatbot would be one of the eye-pleasing aesthetics of Chatbot UI design systems. The fluidity of the animation sets off a pleasant tone to the users.


 Designing a chatbot would require a basic understanding of UX/UI while we learn how to ace the chatbot UI. Here is a Guide to User Interface Designing. We all remember the Paper Pin animation that helped us guide ourselves through MS Word? Instead of having a robotic reply to a question, Chatbots add a touch of personality by using the entered name in the conversation or having to get To-the-point results in a matter of seconds.

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Harikumaran SM Sr. UI Designer