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UI Best Practices

Elements on the user interface are often considered the defining factor of the most popular websites or apps in use today. Unlike UX, interface design is a visible, distinguishable and tangible part of the UI design. A good UI makes the product experience more memorable, distinguishable and relatable to the target users. What separates a good UI from a mediocre one is design consistency throughout the interface. Consistency makes a brand dependable, and this facet eventually evolves into a unique intangible identity. UI best practices are a set of guidelines that you can follow in the design process to ensure design consistency, while developing your unique strategy to set you up. Here’s what the best in the business do to make memorable user interfaces:

1. Never skip the user research

UI Best Practices - User Research

Adequate research can save you from committing design blunders. At the beginning of the brainstorming and wireframing process, make sure that you have a clear idea of what the user goals are and how they can be highlighted on the website.

2. Consistency of design

UI Best Practices - Consistency

There must be a clear design hierarchy within the website or app. Effective interface design channels the user’s attention on the intended parts of the website or app to improve site conversion.

3. Stick to the brand theme

UI Best Practices - Brand Theme

The brand palette must be applied linearly throughout the application. The color scheme, fonts, and language must be consistent with the brand guidelines such that the user is not confused by deviations.

4. Insert standard frames and input controls

UI Best Practices - Standards

With each login, users give us a precious piece of attention. If each interaction is a learning process, the users will eventually tire of the application. While designing the UI, incorporate parts of the design that are intuitive, use familiar icons..Don’t reinvent the wheel if it’s not necessary. This saves time for you and the users both. For example, a search should be represented by a magnifying glass and not an abstract item.

5. Keep interacting with the user

UI Best Practices - Interact with User

The user should not feel lost in the application. Build the UI design in a way that it actively communicates the status, progress variations and errors arising on the platform. Provide sufficient visual cues and simple messaging to guide them back to familiarity.


The brand palette, the fonts, color scheme and typography are all visual elements through which the product communicates with the users. A UI designer strategises and executes the style and placement of these elements to beautify the interface and make it more appealing to the user. All in all a UI designer accentuates the aesthetic appeal of a website or app by implementing UI design principles to create a memorable impression in the mind of the end user. You can read about UI principles and UX best practices in detail here.

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