Designing For Grocery Delivery

Order by 11pm, Get it by 7am. Supr Daily delivers your daily needs to your doorstep hassle-free.

The Challenge

Supr Daily started as a Milk Subscription and reinvented itself to become a ‘Micro-Delivery’ Service that took care of all grocery needs.

Employed women and home makers want to provide fresh wholesome meals to the entire family. But, with a fridge full of stale groceries and a no-show from the milkman, it gets extremely difficult. This affects lakhs of Indian households increasing the need to hoard perishables which also increases wastage of food in the system overall. The existing experience had to be re-designed from scratch making sure its loyal users don’t feel too unfamiliar.

Client & Industry

Supr Daily, Consumer Internet


Android and iOS Application


User Research, UX Design,
UI Design, Visual Design

Understanding User Needs

Our next objective was to understand the current grocery buying habits in Indian households and identify the different painpoints that the app should aim to solve. We spoke to a total of 14 people, 10 women & 4 men. These people were hired by a user recruitment agency. The prerequisites were that they currently manage the groceries for their family and make all the buying decisions. They should have also frequently used other applications like Uber, Amazon etc

Understanding Stakeholder Needs

After we spent time understanding grocery buying habits, we also spent time with the CEO to get context on what inspired him to start this company, what are his short term goals and how does he plan to scale this product in the future. We also spoke to the Product Head to get an understanding on what his plans for the product are and what his thoughts are on the existing application.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding what other market players are doing, what are they doing right and what needs to be improved. We cross referenced using insights we had gathered and validated different features & pain points.

Insights from the User Research

A 25-35 y/o married woman in India, buying groceries for her family struggles to keep groceries fresh and cannot buy too regularly due to overheads.


We along with the stakeholders spent around 7 weeks exploring solution spaces and gradually narrowing down on the hierarchy of information on the primary screens at the same time adding fidelity to each screen one week at a time.

Onboarding users to the concept of micro delivery

Order by 11am, Get by 7am. Since most users are new to the micro delivery model, it was very important to give the context that there will be no interaction with the delivery executive.

Let them know what’s coming

Primary real estate right on top of the homepage is dedicated to upcoming deliveries. This is extremely useful because it helps the user keep track of daily needs, and has never been done before.

5000+ Stock Keeping Units

Supr Daily now has more than just milk. The home page helps the user to browse and discover different categories and collections.

Custom Illustrations

More visuals and less text for ease of use

“Onething's team was deployed at our HQ in Bengaluru for the due course. It helped us in multiple internal workshops and sprints to design, produce, test and iterate. Their team has a stunning ability to deliver in complex use cases. They use straight thinking and effective improvisation of design principles.”

Ravish Malik, Senior Product Designer, Swiggy

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Ravish Malik
Ravish Malik

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