Information Architecture & Its 8 Principles

Many people face difficulty in attempting to define the meaning of user experience design. Most likely, it’s due to the field being so vast, and all encompassing that it’s simple for one to get lost in the shuffle of everything which falls under the umbrella term. Information architecture is certainly something which can complicate the […]

UX UI Design Company – A Guide to Select the Best

Despite UX UI design being a relatively young facet of product design, the number of companies which are involved in it have been steadily increasing over the past two decades or so. Today, thousands of UX firms worldwide are striving for greater designs, with more prestigious clients. The abundance of these firms raises the question, […]

Laws of UX

Every human action includes an interaction. Whether this involves calling someone over the phone or cooking a meal in your kitchen, every activity has been designed by a human being for the rest of the race. All these interactions have been designed keeping in mind the visual aesthetics, ease of use, and general utility. Similarly, […]