UX and UI Design, Frontend Development

Client Introduction

Logistimo is a logistics & supply chain software for rural emerging markets. Their products aim to redesign the movement of essential commodities within and across low resource and rural areas.

Design Challenges


Create a website to introduce the Logistimo app and dashboard to users.


Explain the product offering to users from rural and emerging markets in a professional, yet easy to understand manner.


Build a positive brand perception and manage users’ product expectations.


Optimize the landing page and CTAs to aid B2B lead generation.

UX Research

We researched product websites like DHL, Slite and Amazon Logistics to compare their product display, content approach, website tonality, lead generation metrics, and conversion.

  • DHL efficiently labels its services and segregates differences in product offerings offered to B2B customers by industry and transportation type. The landing page emphasizes the brand’s expertise in inventory management, order tracking, and maintaining competitive price parity in offerings across the globe.
  • Slite’s landing page divides the product offering into four key value propositions; each of these clickable propositions reveals dashboard screenshots that display functionality to overcomes users’ pain points while highlighting the simplicity of the platform.
  • Amazon Logistics simplifies the logistics value chain in three simple steps; pick up, drive, and deliver. The product tonality as well as visual language is approachable, but the presentation of the value proposition is professional


While structuring the landing page, we wanted to project Logistimo’s subject matter expertise in supply chain management without overwhelming the end-user. Since Logistimo’s B2B user is operating from rural and emerging markets, the page starts with two CTAs leading to explainer videos – about the agency and the products. This helps the user grasp Logistimo’s vision, mission, and core processes in a matter of minutes. Immediately after, we structured a sliding header to display snapshots of the product in action. The strip of icons right underneath the header present credibility in the form of numbers; they enlist metrics such as total number of users, revenue from transactions, cost savings, et cetera.

The rest of the page displays the app and the dashboard. Each product lives in its fold and users can click through to explore each offering in a detailed manner. Within 5 navigation items, we were able to give users an accurate representation of the product. To help users get in touch with the team and ensure conversion, we placed a CTA, aptly names ‘Getting started’ at the top right corner of the homepage.



We designed and distributed custom orthographic illustrations featuring small trucks and shape-shifting geometric figures across the expanse of the landing page. This gives a sense of immersion and piques curiosity while maintaining a professional tonality. We’ve used iconography liberally across the website to represent processes, products, points of interest, et cetera., to draw the users’ attention to important factors or points within the website. 

The color palette employed across the website is a mix of pastels juxtaposed with hues of pink and red to make the website engaging and attractive without taking away attention from the product offerings. We have tried to direct focus to important bits by using images, icons, and illustrations. This helped with our main goal being informative while being approachable.





“I appreciated their commitment to delivering good work. They excelled at delivering on time, improving quality based on our feedback, handling all our requests with the utmost professionalism, and explaining everything from a UI/UX perspective.”

Vishnu B
Senior Business Analyst, Logistimo

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