Collaborative approach is
the Onething behind our process


Understanding Goals

Stakeholder Interview

We understand the industry, companies goals, and competition

Analytics Review

We make sure that our solutions are driven by ROI

Competition Research

Studying competition helps us carve out a USP for your brand



User Research

We understand the online behavior, needs, preferences, and goals of users

Persona Mapping

It’s sketches of the users that help us understand their psyche and behaviour

Journey Mapping

Understanding movement of the user on the platform as they try to achieve their goal



Define Features & Scope

Insights from research helps us define the product blueprint

Aligning Business & Tech

We ensure that the product design is scalable, futuristic, and easy to integrate

Create Release Plans

Based on the action plan we set the timelines and milestones at each step



Information Architecture

It is a tree-like structure that lays out the flow of information on the platform


It is a grey scale 2D blueprint of your product

Visual + Interaction Design

This is where we bring designs to life by introducing the visual elements like color, type, interaction style


Deliver & Iterate


Digital demos that provide near-perfect visibility of the actual product and are high on user interaction

User Testing

We test the solution with small batch of users and make quick iterations to ensure success and lower dev costs


We complete the product design and handover all the files

As they say..

Our process has worked wonders for our clients

Aabir Chatterjee

Marketing at Coca-Cola

"The team had a strong understanding of the project brief, and their attention to detail is notable."

Saurabh Sharma

Head of Product, Revolt Motors

"The team set expectations by scheduling weekly sprints that assisted our developers with planning. There was a plan focused on deliverables."

Utkarsh Saxena

Senior Vice President at RBL Bank

“Customers have offered positive feedback, and conversions have increased. approached the issue from a big-picture perspective while sustaining attention to detail. They are responsive communicators.”

Akshay Chaturvedi

CEO & Founder, Leverage Edu

“The team gave consistent updates and responded quickly to feedback. Their polished processes of delivering work made collaboration a breeze.”

Ashish Priyadarshi

AVP at Hero Electronix

“Onething design excels at solving design challenges. Their accessibility, responsible work ethic, and prompt communication have been appreciated.”

Vishal Ranjan


“We liked Onething's work in Fintech and their approach towards working with Startup teams. They thought outside the box in order to conceptualize outstanding visuals.”