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Lend an ear to the industry experts as they speak about the power of UX in changing the face of a business and unlocking growth. Dose up on design, innovation, techniques & strategies that are shaping the digital future!

Episode 23 Decoding the need for Enterprise UX

Venky, Manik

Episode 22 E-Commerce for the Next Billion with Bharath Ram, Flipkart

Bharath Ram, Divanshu

Episode 21 Decoding the D2C Landscape with Arjun, Dr. Vaidya’s

Arjun, Divanshu

Episode 20 Building Design Solutions Through Empathy

Manik, Venky

Episode 19 Future of Brands in Web 3.0 with Akshay, Schbang

Akshay, Divanshu

Episode 18 Global Design Deep-Dive: Exploring Modern Design, with Lollypop

Anil, Divanshu

Episode 17 Decoding Digital Transformation: A Brand’s Journey Through the 21st Century

Venky, Antara

Episode 16 3 Mistakes We Made – From the Entrepreneurs Guidebook

Manik, Divanshu

Episode 15, Part 2 Exploring Clarity & Chaos In A Creative Agency (Pt II)

Sayantan, Kunel

Episode 15 Exploring Clarity & Chaos In A Creative Agency

Sayantan, Kunel

Episode 14 The UX Laws Understanding: How Psychology Influences User Behaviour

Antara, Venky, Divanshu

Episode 13 The education evolution: Deciphering a decade of digital learning

Pratham Mittal, Masters' Union

Episode 12 The Inclusivity Introduction: Crafting Accessible Products, For All!

Upasana Makati, White Print

Episode 11 The Mental Health Memo: Finding Headspace in the Workplace

Karthik Hariharan

Episode 10 The Ethical UX Exploration: How Digital Products, Dictate Lifestyles

Divanshu, Manik, Venky

Episode 9 Luxury Ride Sharing Revolutionized, With Indian Electric Vehicles

Siddhartha Bagri, Pravaig

Episode 8 Driving sustainability through smarter battery systems

Akhil Aryan, ION Enegry

Episode 7 Making EVs easier to adopt

Akshit Bansal, Statiq

Episode 6 Unearthing Virtual Credit Cards landscape in India

Vishal Ranjan, vCard

Episode 5 Personalised Gaming Experience through AI

Jakub & Matej, Assetario

Episode 4, Part 2 Neobanking experience for SMBs & Entrepreneurs

Saad Ansari, Xpence

Episode 4, Part 1 Neobanking Experience for SMBs & Entrepreneurs

Saad Ansari, Xpence

Episode 3 Making Indian Product Global with Design

Subramanian V., Disprz

Episode 2 Empowering the next billion through design thinking

Jani Pasha, Lokal

Episode 1 Converge the Indian AI landscape through Experience Design

Asna Siddiqui, INDIAai