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About Onething

Onething, is rated among the top UX studios in India for 2020-21. With a diverse portfolio designing products
from new age tech, to traditional giants of their industries, we’re pushing the envelope when it comes to the future of
design thinking.

Millions of users interact with products we’ve helped design, and that number is only growing everyday.


  • Enable and be responsible for the day-to-day planning, tracking and optimization of spends, leads, and quality leads.
  • Manage the strategy and execution of all paid campaigns, email marketing and SEO.
  • Develop robust performance reporting framework, analytics, and ROI tracking for all our marketing initiatives.
  • Developing the overall funnel strategy for campaigns to ensure both the ad account and website are optimized for the highest conversion rate possible.
  • Build an experimentation framework and conduct A/B experiments with clear success/failure metrics to improve funnel effectiveness
  • Diving deep into data and use insights to identify opportunities for performance optimization
  • Be directly responsible for weekly and monthly reporting to management regarding SEO, paid ads and email marketing
  • Lead keyword research and optimisation of content
  • Work cross-functionally with other teams such as product, technology & content to manage, plan and lead the execution of new program launches
  • Partnering with the creative teams to advise on compelling ad copies (Images & content) for various mediums and channels, developing test ideas, and managing A/B testing

Job requirements

What’s good to have:

  • 4-6 years of overall experience
  • Experience in marketing automation and analytics tools
  • Expert knowledge and experience in SEO, Email marketing and paid ads
  • Experience working with SEO tools (e.g. Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Yoast Screaming Frog, SEMRush, Moz)
  • High attention to detail and strong project management skills
  • Strong data-driven orientation and analytical mindset with a focus on ROI
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment

You’ll fit in if you are

  • Enthusiastic, motivated and brimming with ideas
  • Are passionate (with sworn vengeance) about the latest developments in technology
  • A team player who can communicate and collaborate seamlessly

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    Our Values

    Principles that make us who we are

    Onething : About us

    Think, and then do.

    Everything, small or large, has to be thought out to the core. Our actions are based on logic and facts.

    Onething : About us

    Truth, always.

    We communicate and set the right expectations with everyone we work with.

    Onething : About us


    We are passionate craftsmen - we respect everyone’s time and energy. We give it all when we sign up to working together.

    Onething : About us

    Shoot to win.

    We have an attitude of a spartan. We either win or we learn; there is no in-between.

    Onething : About us

    Be there for each other.

    We believe in going that extra mile in our personal and professional relationships. A world is better when you’re not afraid to give.

    Onething : About us

    Take ownership, every time.

    We lead the way. We take ownership of things. We don’t blame, we find solutions, together.